Customer Reviews

Such a great festival bring!! Everyone kept wanting to try them on and couldn't believe their eyes. None of us had ever used portal/kaleidoscope glasses before, only diffraction. And what a difference! Just mind blowing.

I loved how these were flat back glasses as well. My boyfriend bought some portal glasses as the festival from a different company and they were much heavier and didn't have a flat back. My eyelashes kept hitting the lenses and the convex lens made me feel like I was at the eye doctors.

These glasses were light and comfortable and super convenient that they come with a lanyard! I wore them around my neck the whole day.

By stephanie m hammel on August 24, 2016
These are awesome, i like the little case bag too

By Rochelle on June 28, 2016
These feel pretty sturdy and I like how it comes with a string so you don't lose them! Things look trippy through it and it feels like things are shifting from side to side.

By Laura schoepfle on October 20, 2016
These are super fun, and assembled well. He carefully walking in them!!! I got them for Halloween but they are really a game in itself. Great quality. Thank you.

By Amazon Customer on September 17, 2016
If you're hesitant to buy, just do it!! Absolutely worth it, way better than the diffraction glasses although I suggest getting a pair of those as well !!

By Void on June 20, 2016
These are great and quite different from other prism glasses. They have a nice tunnel vision effect, but you can still somewhat get around in them.

By Brittany on September 20, 2016
FANTASTIC!!! They worked great! I passed them around at a festival so everyone had the chance to experience the awesomeness!!

By Molly on June 27, 2016
Quality material and not too heavy. Almost feels like drunk goggles. Can't wait to use these at Shambhala!

By The Big Game on September 26, 2016
This is a game changer. Please don't do drugs when you are wearing these as they can induce seizures.

By Jay on December 17, 2016
These are perfect just what I expected :) and for an amazing price

By jul on November 7, 2016
Fast delivery and loved the product

By Amazon Customer on June 13, 2016
The product exceeded my expectations. It was more than what I was looking for. Overdoes it.

By Bettylou on August 18, 2016
So cute but broke after wearing only once

By Amazon Customer on May 19, 2016
The glasses are awesome great quality and cute I only put 4 stars because they ended up sending the wrong colored lenses but all is fine still awesome