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Perfect for parties and clubbin!, April 26, 2016
This review is from: " Premium Diffraction Glasses From "Lite Up" MANY COLORS. Clear and Tinted Lenses"
**Lite Up is the brand, they don't actually "lite up"** Just what you'd expect! These glasses are awesome! My son had some of these that were Christmas ones, so I was already aware of what they do. The heart ones are my favorite. My friend actually tried to steal them from me he liked them so much! I told him he's welcome to buy his own! Obviously at this price for two pairs of glasses you shouldn't expect some high quality frames or anything. Definitely "party" style plastic glasses. They work great though! Definitely fun to have on at the club and people love ripping them off your face and trying them on. I will probably actually purchase more because I have a few people that insist they must have some. I can't find any reason to lower this product any stars, because as I said, the quality should be expected at this price. I did receive these glasses at a discounted price to provide my honest and unbiased review, so that's what you just got!

Great in half, but then not so good in other half., September 28, 2016
This review is from: " Premium Diffraction Glasses From "Lite Up" MANY COLORS. Clear and Tinted Lenses"
I really want to like this product, but I can't. I put the pair with clear lens and I don't see much effect. I noticed later that there are small heart shape halos around any light source after I looked around, so I finally knew what the clear ones do. But the size of the frame doesn't work for me. It is way too big, the arms of the frames are way too long and the glasses just don't stay put. For minimal effect and the size issue, I can't give any star for the pair with clear lens.

Now the dark shade lens pair is fun. They turn every light source into rainbows and diamonds and it is fun to see all the effects around a simple light or anything that glows. Also, the size of the frame is smaller and the arms are not too long, so it fits perfectly on my face and no sliding nor I need to keep adjusting. I think the dark shade lens are winner here.

It may be personal preference between the two, but I will not use the clear lens anymore. I will use the dark shard lens when I am going to party or any place with bright lightings. Since I am only satisfied half of the package, I can only give the product 2.5 stars. There is no such middle range rating, I can only give 3 stars.

I purchased this product with a discount price in exchange for my honest review and this is exactly how I feel about this product after use.

on December 22, 2016
These glasses were good. The only flaw was that they get scratched very easily. But if they are for a one time use, for EDC or a festival, I recommend them.

on November 11, 2016
These are fantastic! The carrying case that these came with is pretty awesome and its great quality. The black ones that came w/the colored ones are alittle uncomfortable however I didn't even realize that I was going to be receiving two glasses so I can't really complain! These are awesome! I'm excited to wear them tonight for GRiZ

By Eureka on November 9, 2016
Gave these as presents...they were loved! They are plastic and won't last forever, but they gave the receivers a good time.

By Amanda G. on September 27, 2016
I played a video with strobe lights then put these on. as well as looked at various bright objects, the black glasses really lowered the intensity but didn't add any effects to what I saw, the Pink glasses, however, made some pretty cool effects. I, however, got a headache almost right after I was watching the video, which I should have known better because I get headaches from 3d Movies and strobe lights, but Curiosity got the better of me so I just had to try them! They do indeed make cool shapes and rainbows from various lights, I do however like the effects from the Pink pair better than that of the black pair. I would reccomend these to anybody wanting to try them.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. However I was not paid to give a positive review and I was not required to give a 5-star review, I do so based on my own use of the product.

By Amazon Customer on August 7, 2016
It was my first time purchasing anything like these, so I was a bit worried about the quality. Miraculously it turned out to be pretty durable and feel do you say, really good quality!

I've tried different pairs of Diffraction glasses before and out of all of them, I really prefer this. Its pretty discreet and the diffraction's are really good compared to the Glo FX I've used.

The frame is really solid and feels nice on the ears and in the hands but I sometimes catching myself worrying if I'd pop the lens out while wiping it.

Also the heart glasses are a great edition! I ended switching between the two at a festival I attended and both experiences with them were quite fun!

By Ealanbrock on July 8, 2016
I purchased these glasses for a music festival I was attending with some friends in Spain- and I am glad that I did. They made the show a lot more interesting than it would have been without them.

I realize that most of the people there were probably on drugs- and I do not know how these would interact with drugs- but, being there sober, these glasses provided entertainment. It was super crowded and I was not close to the stage- I could put the glasses on and watch the lights dance and move all around me. It made every light bigger than it was without the glasses. I think this was a good purchase.

I shared these glasses, and the free pair that came with purchase, with my friends. Everyone enjoyed them. They were a hit of our little circle of friends. They are not expensive glasses and I do not believe they will last longer than your average pair of free sunglasses that a vendor like an insurance company gives you outside a mall- but the investment feels like a good deal to me.

They are clear lenses, and when I dropped them, I had several strangers work to try to find my glasses. It appears they thought they were my legitimate glasses. The lenses are clear, but the frames look just like the image on the site.

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By Amazon Customer on July 4, 2016
Perfect! Its exactly what I want.

By Rochelle on June 28, 2016
I love the heart ones

By Bert on June 9, 2016

These glasses shipped in a timely fashion so no complaints there. They seem to be made very well, I bought them at the same time as another similarly priced brand that offered a different lens color, and they are comparable. That's not a knock on either of them, they are nice glasses. Probably the best I've had. The diffraction effect is good, pretty much as advertised so they've got that going for them.

The Heart glasses, though, they are definitely not as nice. The heart effect is difficult to see unless you're looking at a bright, single source, but not too much of your field of view light. A lighter held at arms length, for example, would work.

By Amazon Customer on May 15, 2016
2 pairs for a low price is pretty hard to beat. They came exactly when it said they would.

By malcomiks on April 26, 2016
I went to an underground rave last week and those were a must have. The heart rave glasses are just magical ❤❤❤ all my friends are getting one cant wait for all of us to wear it to a party
SUH DUDES!, May 9, 2016By 
This review is from: Kaleidoscope Real Crystal Prism Glasses BUNDLE From "Lite Up" Flat Back LIGHTER WEIGHT Frame For Raves MANY COLORS - Portal Effects
Has this happened to you? You're like riding your unicorn through a magical rainbow forest but those sunbeams and pixie dust are like harshing your mellow and getting in your eyes and junk? Or maybe you're sick of looking at things and having them be all not psychedelic looking and whatever? Maybe you're at a rave and your pupels are like the size of dinner plates and you're kinda freaking out about it, man? If these are major dilemmas you face on a regular basis you TOTALLY need these sweet shades. Women will want you. Men will want to be you. Or, men will want you and women will want to be you. Maybe you're a M and a W looking 4 a T on the casual encounters. Totally up to you, because these things respect your sexuality like that. That's right, they don't judge. It's a spectrum, much like what you'll see if you wear these. SPEAKING of judging, you're totally going to win any dance off if you're wearing these glasses. Thats right, buy these and you can instantly BREAK DANCE*. WHAAAAAT? I said it. Put these on and instantly become the coolest person in the room.* Look at that awesome picture of me wearing the product below, they fit awesome and turned me into a cat! I've ALWAYS wanted to be a cat. Meow!

Buy these now for you AND your mom, because I heard she likes to partaaaay.*

*Product not proven to make you able to break dance or actually make you cool, but will make you look cooler while you try. Word to your mother.

The light orange color is not very good looking although it comes well packaged with a glasses ..., September 12, 2016
This review is from: Kaleidoscope Real Crystal Prism Glasses BUNDLE From "Lite Up" Flat Back LIGHTER WEIGHT Frame For Raves MANY COLORS - Portal Effects
Although the glasses are well made with real glass or crystal, it was heavier than expected and fit awkwardly on my face. It does significantly distort your vision but my biggest concern is that the title of these glasses is misleading as they certainly do not light up as implied. That is my own fault for not reading further - the company's name is Lite Up ( I assume referring to getting lit?) and the glasses are simple costume glasses that render you blind momentarily when wearing them. The light orange color is not very good looking although it comes well packaged with a glasses pouch and what I assume is a useless black rubber line to attach to your glasses.

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. The discount has not influenced or impacted my judgement of this product. I take this seriously and include my own opinion and experience with each product. I rely on reviews for all of my personal purchases, and will only review products in an honest way, whether it be good or bad. I am in no way required by the seller to leave positive remarks about their product. If you have found my product review to be helpful, please please hit the helpful button. This will make it easier for others to find this review so they may be helped as well. Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

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By Richard on April 29, 2016
I wanted to try these out and I am a guy. I needed one that both a guy or girl could wear, so I choose the Clear Black Kaleidoscope Flat Back. These glasses are definitely a head turner. Whichever you choose color or Portal or Kaleidoscope people will definitely look and want to try them for themselves. A friend of mine borrowed these for his Harry Potter costume and they made it look 100 times betters because of their high quality design.

The glass is weighed heavy, so you know they are made of a quality material. They also come with strong arm hinges that grip perfectly around the arms to stay on your neck or hang wherever. The arms are plastic with a very soft opening and closing which helps make them feel somehow different in a unique way than normal glasses. It also comes with a soft cloth carrying bag. They do make you rather dizzy, so I try not to wear them long but put them on my head in my hair to show how cool they look. It really helps if you're moving around with them on to just look with one eye as it helps stabilize your perception. It's also entertaining to look through with one eye as you can see how they work. I received these for a discount in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

By Whitney S. on July 21, 2016
Not sure why they as called light up there is no lights involved but they are pretty sweet.. Look cool and cool to look threw=) also comes with a free holder so if they fall off you don't drop them..
Or so you can wear them as a necklace of you want too take a break so you dont run into walls while wearing them

By Amazon Customer on August 3, 2016
they were awesome!! they rocked my world....was gonna take them with me to Moonrise in Baltimore this weekend, then I babysat and one of the girls misplaced them!!! grrr!!! oh well....they're nice enough I may just get another pair

By John zeytounian on August 9, 2016
Very high quality glasses and also very unique. Everyone who tried them on really liked then and they made light shows fantastic to watch. I was switching between these and rainbow prism glasses at the music festival.

By Sierra Spurlock on May 25, 2016
They were so fun and I wore them around my neck to a festival. I'm pretty blind without my prescription glasses so I didn't wear them much. My friends all loved walking around with them on and they really made stuff look cool but it was too hard to wear them constantly because they are very hard to see out of. My boyfriend put them around his neck for me halfway through the day and at one point put me on his shoulders. When I took the sunglasses from him later, they were missing a lense. I only ever took them out to anything once, granted it was a lot of dancing and jumping. But I had fun with them and only really wanted them for that day so I'm not too concerned. They were great while they lasted!

By Sandi A O'Shaughnessy on July 18, 2016
These glasses are well made for the price, substantial in heft and design, comfortable on the face and surprisingly fashionable. They look great on everyone, and super fun to wear while dancing or hanging out on the beach. I would give 5 stars except that they come in 2 lense types, fractal and kaleidoscope and it was tricky to figure out which ones I was ordering. I ended up with one of each, great since I ordered 2, but not so great if ordering only 1 and you're not sure which one you ordered.

By Scarleth on June 29, 2016
I literally just got these before 4pm when i ordered them at night exactly two days ago!! Arrived quickly and in perfect conditions. This is my first purchase of kaleidoscope glasses and i couldnt be happier! They fit my face very well and the material isnt as bad as i was expecting, i cant wait to wear this at raves! They are so trippy "its like all my surroundings are spinning and moving fast" said my 8yr old sister hehehe so deff recommend if youre looking to trip at a show hehe:)

By Simona on July 21, 2016
 OH MY GOD I wish I could review these multiple times. To say I'm in love with these glasses would be a huge understatement. It's probably my favorite purchase on amazon. I bought these specifically for a festival and MY GOD did I make a good decision. I put these on so many people and they all loved it! The visuals are legitimately trippy. And the thing that keeps them around your neck is GENIUS! I lost some other diffraction glasses but these were always on me! LOVE LOVE LOVE. The video I posted does not do them justice at all. Everyone I've showed them to has been completely amazed

By Amazon Customer on September 1, 2016
They worked great! Super cool, all my friends loved them. They held up with all the jumping and I had them around my neck the whole time

By Jennifer on September 13, 2016
These are good. Wide for my face but thats ok. Heavy glass lenses.